Our Office in Tarpon Springs

Our Dental Office in Tarpon Springs, FL - Tarpon DentalAs you know, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your smile is worth a thousand words, and people will assess your education, openness, intelligence, personality and social status based solely on that.

Your mouth is an expression of yourself and your own personal pride. It is crucial for your image, self expression and how you interact with others.

So how would you feel with a healthy, confident smile? You would improve your personal relationships with others, speak more freely, smile more often and have more confidence.

We take pride in our ability to restore and enhance the natural beauty of your smile using only the latest and most conservative technologically advanced procedures. The results of our efforts mean that our patients have beautiful and long lasting smiles! We also have a holistic approach to our comprehensive treatment planning.  It is no secret that there is a strong correlation between oral health and overall body health.  We strive to educate you on the importance of optimal oral health and different options of taking you there.

We believe in the concept of preventive care and education when it comes to optimal dental health. Our goal is providing “dental health care” rather than “disease care,” which is why our practice places so much emphasis on thorough oral examinations. We understand that routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride are very important factors in preventing dental disease. We focus not only on the beauty of your smile, but your overall health as well. Reviewing your medical history helps us stay informed about your medical health and any issues that may be relative to your dental health.

Training and Expertise

Your dental health is important to us, and Dr. Amin wants you to be confident in our training and expertise in performing dental procedures. In order to maintain the high level of service and results that you demand and deserve, we are continually updating our education by participating in dental lectures, meetings, and conventions so that we remain in full awareness of any new techniques, products, and equipment that become available so that we can provide the highest level of care for our patients.

We strive to make sure that our office is one where your safety is paramount, thus keeping infection to a minimum. We follow standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in order to ensure that your visit to our office is as germ-free as possible.  We currently offer state of the art technology including digital xrays and a cavity detecting intraoral camera.  All of our rooms are equipped with flat screen tv’s for your viewing.

Making Your Visit Positive

We want to build a foundation of trust with our patients so that you will have less apprehension about visiting the dentist. Some people naturally feel uneasy about dental visits, and so if we can help your experience be a relaxing and positive one, then we have accomplished a major goal. Each of our staff members is dedicated to making sure that you have excellent personalized care in order to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  You can have nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which many people are familiar with, and which relaxes you without impairing your consciousness of your surroundings. You can have a stronger sedative that Dr. Amin will prescribe for you. These medications will calm you and make you tired and sleepy. You would take it when you get to the office so you would need someone to drive you home afterwards. With this option you will feel drowsy and calm, but still be able to hear requests from the staff. Dr Amin will discuss your level of anxiety to determine which medication is right for you. Dr. Amin has completed courses in conscious sedation dentistry, and monitors your vital signs during the procedure at all times. She will also make sure that the sedation medications do not conflict or interact in any harmful way with your current medications.

We appreciate your faith in us, and thank you for the opportunity to take care of your dental needs. If you are interested in receiving world class dental care we invite you to call us now at (727) 937-4285 with any questions you may have.