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dental fillings in tarpon springsTooth cavities are a very common dental issue. For many years, the only option was amalgam fillings which contain mercury and can be dangerous for people with certain health conditions like thyroid disease or kidney failure because it’s stored in their body indefinitely – but now there are alternative options! Now, there’s a new mercury-free alternative ideal if you’re concerned about the health risks of this material!

Mercury-free fillings are the future of dental care. They not only ensure your safety but also help strengthen teeth so you can keep them healthy for a lifetime! Therefore, here at Tarpon Dental, we strive to give you the best dentistry service and safest dental care in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Understanding Amalgam Fillings

Concerns have been raised about the release of mercury vapor after amalgam fillings. It is important to note that this occurs in less than 1% of people and doesn’t pose any risk or danger.

The American Dental Association says there are no health problems associated with using dental materials like Amalgams despite some claim otherwise because they’re safe practices already practiced throughout modern dentistry today.

More about amalgam fillings:

  • The dentist drills to get rid of tooth decay. They shape the tooth cavity to prepare for amalgam placement. The fillings require the removal of significant amounts of healthy tooth matter.
  • The filling can rapidly harden, making it ideal for filling up hard to keep dry areas.
  • This practice is also great for children and people with special needs.
  • Amalgam fillings expand and contract, over time causing cracks in teeth. It causes the need for more dental care and sometimes tooth extraction.

However, there are now better materials to bond the teeth and make them stronger. The removal of tooth matter weakens the overall tooth structure.

Mercury-Free Fillings in Tarpon Springs, FL

Mercury-free fillings are becoming a popular alternative to the old amalgam fillings. They include composite resin, zirconia, and gold. They are non-amalgam and do not contain any levels of mercury. Therefore, there is no release of mercury vapor in the patient’s body.

Although amalgam fillings may be the best for children and people with special needs, they also cause damage to teeth. Cracks result in pain, additional dental conditions, and treatments. Later on, they may experience pain, and x-rays may reveal damage to the tooth structure.

Amalgam or silver fillings emit mercury vapor even after being implanted into the body. In addition, placing amalgam requires removing a significant amount of healthy tooth matter. This removal, in turn, weakens overall tooth structure, which increases the need for future dental work.

Our dental services have better materials to fill teeth that bond to them and help them be stronger. On top of that, amalgam fillings – which expand and contract over time – crack teeth and once again create the need for still more dental work. Check out our website or call our office at (727) 937-4285 to schedule your fillings appointment.

How Are Mercury-Free Fillings Better for Your Dental Health?

  • Mercury-free fillings can help strengthen your teeth and reduce the risk of future cracks. They eliminate any need for more dental care because they don’t damage tooth structure like amalgam does, which may result in root canal treatment or other harmful effects on you’re mouth’s health over time! Try composite resin fillings. They mimic the natural tooth and strengthen the tooth structure instead of weakening it. It reduces the future risk of cracks in your teeth that allow bacteria.
  • Mercury-free fillings bond with your teeth, and you do not have to worry about getting cracks in your teeth. They keep your teeth healthy and strong. The metal crown in amalgam fillings is quite noticeable and looks unnatural. The material matches your tooth color, giving you a great smile and preserving your smile design.
  • Mercury-free fillings are also free of mercury vapor. Therefore, they are the healthier option. They are not just the healthy option for the patient, but also the dentists and the environment. Mercury can vaporize at room temperature. It is also tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Therefore, it can get into the surroundings and bloodstream without detection.

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