Dental Crowns

Most of the time, the smile is the first thing a person notices in another. However, missing teeth or damaged teeth can impact a person’s way of living. They might feel embarrassed or stay isolated due to the issues with their natural teeth. Now, remember that damaged teeth don’t just look unsightly or out of place; they also impact an individual’s capacity to chew and digest food. If you have one or more missing teeth, there is a chance your dentist will recommend you get artificial replacements.

One of the best solutions is to get treatment for bridges and crowns. And no, they don’t look artificial or any different from your natural existing teeth. However, one of the matters is to decide to get a dental crown or bridge. 

If you are looking for dental implants, visit our dental office in Tarpon Springs for effective care. We will conduct an assessment of your gum line, tooth loss, other missing tooth issues, and general dental problems. Further, we will recommend replacing teeth with solutions that promote excellent aesthetic qualities and promote a robust tooth structure in Tarpon Springs, FL.

What are Bridges and Crowns?

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As one form of restorative treatment, dental crowns, and bridges restore and preserve the tooth’s function and appearance. These dental crowns are used as a treatment to restore the tooth’s ability, strength, and appearance. In simpler words, they are the artificial coverings bonded to the tooth to protect them from further damage.

Metal-Free Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns, or caps, are used to restore broken or cracked teeth. The new metal-free crowns eliminate the ugly black line you may have seen next to the gum line on older crowns. For decades, the dental standard for crown and bridge restoration materials has been the PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal). The framework for the dental crown was produced in metal and then covered with a porcelain layer.

Now with the evolution of all ceramic materials and their higher esthetic qualities, dental patients have options. The metal-free framework beneath the porcelain gives excellent aesthetic qualities to make the final restoration extremely natural-looking.

Inlays and Onlays

With advances in modern-day dentistry, in some cases, we can make porcelain inlays and onlays as an alternative to larger fillings or Crowns. These can help preserve tooth structure for a longer time. Dr. Amin can evaluate your situation to see if this is a perfect option for you.

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Why Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment Is Necessary?

This dental treatment is necessary for cosmetic modifications and to protect the cap of the tooth from further damage. It fills in for decays, cavities, and more. The bridging between the teeth protects from infection. Additionally, it helps the broken, fractured, or damaged teeth to restore their ability and strength. Dental crowns and bridges treatment can cause a bit of discomfort during the process. However, as soon as it is finished, the patient can continue their daily life activities. Still, a bit of precaution and care is mandatory. 

Moreover, it is essential to practice a good oral hygiene routine. With proper care, the treatment can last for years. Remember to schedule regular visits to the dentist. By getting scaling done every six months, it removes the tartar and plaque. This practice is critical as plaque and tartar are not wholly removed with regular brushing and flossing.

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