Reasons Why Your Dental Crown Needs a Replacement

Do you need crown replacement? This is among the most asked questions in our dental clinic. The truth is that this is a tricky question to answer without an evaluation. While the average lifespan of dental crowns ranges between ten and fifteen years, each crown behaves differently.

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We have seen dental crowns that look intact many decades later and others that start disintegrating before they hit the ten-year mark. This is not to say that you cannot tell when your dental crowns are due for replacement. Some signs should prompt you to make an appointment for a crown replacement procedure.

Signs That We Look Out For in Our Dental Office

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Tooth Decay

This is one of the leading reasons why people see their dentist for dental crown replacement services. Tooth decay may form under the crown exposing your teeth to cavities. In case of decay, your dentist may have to drill into it to reach the tooth surface and clean it out. Once all decay is removed, the dentist will seal it with tooth fillings.

In case the tooth pulp is infected, you may have to undergo root canal treatment. If you see any sign of decay under it, rush to get it cleaned before things get too serious.

Receding gum line

This often happens because of bacteria accumulation. Bacteria will mostly accumulate on a crown than try to colonize your natural teeth. Dental crowns increase your chance of getting gum disease. While this is nothing that good oral hygiene and an antibacterial mouthwash will not take care of, you need to see a dentist if you notice that your gum line is receding. Your dentist will decide whether to place the dental properly or entirely replace it.

Pain & Inflammation around the crowned tooth

If you experience sensitivity or pain when chewing, it may be time to get the dental crown replaced. If you have had it for over ten years, you should start making plans for a crown replacement procedure. You should also take quick action if you have swelling or inflammation. The crown tooth may be damaged, old, or infected.

Visible wear and tear on the crown

You may notice that the crown is worn down. Although this is rare, your crown will show signs of wear if you grind your teeth or have poor oral hygiene. Get the crown checked to see whether there is a reason why it is wearing out so fast. If the condition is not severe, you may not need a new crown, but your dentist will recommend ways to prevent further damage.

Damaged Crown

Dental Crowns are made using different materials ranging from porcelain to gold. While the crowns have evolved to become more aesthetically appealing and sturdy, there is a chance that the crown may chip. Porcelain crowns or those made using porcelain fused with metal are notorious for chipping. Your dentist will examine the chip to see whether it can be repaired, especially if the crown is still less than 5-years old. However, in most cases, a cracked crown will need to be entirely replaced.

The crown no longer looks appealing

A good number of people use dental crowns for their aesthetic appeal. When they fade and show dark lines, they lose their appeal. If you no longer like your smile, your dentist will guide you on the way forward. Our dentists have no problem replacing the crown for you if you no longer find it attractive.

Your Crown is over a decade old

The age of your crown should not be the only determining factor when considering a crown replacement, but it is a point to remember nonetheless. If you have had your dental crown for ten years and are already seeing dark lines along with the tooth, it may be time to get a replacement. However, if your crown still looks intact, you can keep it for as long as you are comfortable.

Your rate of dental crown wear is determined by the material, your eating habits, and whether you grind your teeth. Many dental crowns last over 15 years with good care, so you have nothing to worry about if you have had yours for over ten years. To be on the safe side, ensure that you have a dentist regularly monitoring your crown for any sign of damage, wear, or infection.

Crown Replacement Cost in Tarpon Springs, FL

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The cost of the procedure depends on several factors. First, what crown do you want to use? Your choice will determine how much you pay for the procedure in the long run. Your dentist may also need to address other dental issues when replacing the crowns. In case there is an infection, the cost of treating the infection may add to your overall bill. Some insurance companies pay for a dental crown replacement, especially if you have had them for over five years. However, it is important to first check with your policy and see if they can cover the cost of your new crowns.

Even if your policy doesn’t cover the cost of dental crown replacement, talk to us, and we will draw up an affordable payment plan for you. We offer CareCredit financing, so you will not strain to pay for crown replacements or any other dental procedure.

For non-insured patients, we offer a dental saving plan that allows them to access our dental services whenever necessary. Our goal is to offer premium dental care services affordably and offer flexible ways for patients to pay for our services.

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